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1 JANUARY 2015

The Skegness group and the Horncastle group merge to form the 'Skegness and Horncastle Ramblers'.

28 JANUARY 2014

Skegness Ramblers launch Facebook page.


Our 2014 walks programme added to website.

27 OCTOBER 2012

Our 2013 walks programme added to website.
'What's New' page removed from website.
Update to Public Transport page.


Our 2012 walks programme added to website.

8 September 2011

Images of our recent walk from Wainfleet added to the 'Past Walks' section of the website.

3 April 2011

Images of our recent walk from Wragby added to the 'Past Walks' section of the website.

5 October 2010

Our 2011 walks programme added to website.

1 January 2010

Due to time limitations, composite Walks Programme feature of this website discontinued.

1 October 2009

Images of our recent walks from Skegness and Spilsby added to our 'Past Walks' section of the website.

6 May 2009

Our walk from Mablethorpe on 26th April added to the 'Past Walks' section of the website.

30 March 2009

Yesterdays walk from Hogsthorpe added to the 'Past Walks' section of the website.

15 September 2008

New shortcut to our walks programme added to home page plus other minor improvements.

12 September 2008

Last Sundays Chapel St Leonards walk added to the 'Past Walks' section of the website.

12 July 2008

At some point in June our ISP, Madasafish, unilaterally change our URL from www.users.madasafish.com/~skegnessra to www.skegnessra.madasafish.com. This led to problems updating the site and forced a complete wiping and reloading of the site.

3 September 2007

Yesterdays Mablethorpe walk added to the 'Past Walks' section of the website.

3 May 2007

'Past Walks' page added to website which provides links to pages showing photographs of members on past walks and brief details of the walk. 'Structure' page updated to reflect this addition.

January 2007

Homepage redesigned. 

6 January 2007

Footpath Survey results added to website. 

December 2006

Sign up with 'madasafish' ISP. Up to 100 Mb of webspace, formmail and spam filtering. 

November 2006

In mid-November, our Internet Service Provider 'Gothere Internet' disappears without trace. The search begins for a new ISP.

10 September 2005

Walk W1: Woodhall Spa to Tattershall added to website.

August 2005

Images of Gibraltar Point added to Picture Gallery.

28 December 2004

Weather page added to website providing access to localised weather forecasts.

21 November 2004

Special Events page added to website. Details of the first ever Lincolnshire Wolds Walking Festival.

31 October 2004

Images form the groups 2004 coach trip to Derwent Reservoir in Derbyshire added to website.

9 October 2004

Due to navigation problems experienced by users of later versions of Windows XP, 'Hover Buttons' removed from website and replaced by standard buttons. Problem caused by the absence of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from later releases of Windows XP.

17 January 2004

Four new walk descriptions added to website:

Alford to Willoughby,

South Ormsby to Brinkhill,

Hagworthingham to Tetford,

Hagworthingham to Winceby.

2 January 2004

A new page uploaded showing the Structure of the website. This page can be accessed by clicking on the 'Structure' button which has been added to the Home Page.

26 December 2003

Modifications to website complete. Upload completed website to 'GoThere Internet' and post message on Home Page of old website location.

12 December 2003

Sign up with GoThere Internet ISP. Unlimited webspace, but no support for FrontPage Extensions. Test page uploaded successfully at first attempt. Begin to modify web site to work without FrontPage Extensions.

4 December 2003

Sign up with 'Globalinternet.co.uk' with free support for FrontPage Extensions. A password validation problem prevents publication of website. Unable to resolve problem with ISP.

3 December 2003

Follow 3 years of service, our Internet Service Provider 'Force 9' announces the impending withdrawal of free support for FrontPage Server Extensions and the imposition of a 25 mb limit on webspace, thereby forcing a change in our internet address.

December 2003

Launch of 4 new Skegness Ramblers walks leaflets describing short walks in and around Skegness,

Improvements to the navigation structure of the Walking Routes section of the website,

Skegness Ramblers 2004 Walks Programme added to website,

Images of Willoughby added to Photo Gallery.

31 October 2003

Total number of site visitors from 1 January 2001 to present is 4597. Following technical problems over the past few weeks, reload Homepage. Unable to set counter to a specific value other than 0 for reasons unknown.

5 April 2003

Following a successful site update on 1st March 2003, the entire site was lost from the web server at some point during March for reasons unknown. Reload web site to web server.

February 2003

Three new walk descriptions added to website:

Spilsby to Mardon Hill,

Boston Waterways,

East Keal to Old Bolingbroke castle.

January 2003

Images of Spilsby & East Keal added to Picture Gallery.

December 2002

Images of Boston added to Picture Gallery,

Skegness Ramblers 2003 Walks Programme added to website.

November 2002

Wainfleet walk description added to website.

January 2002

Improvements to Photo Gallery,

More animated GIF files added to website.

December 2001

Page listing Ordnance Survey maps of area added to website,

Skegness Ramblers 2002 Walks Programme added to website.

November 2001

Skegness Circular walk description added to website,

What's New page added to website.

19 August 2001

Skegness Ramblers resume walks programme.

27 July 2001

Intervention by National Government forces the re-opening of all of Lincolnshire's 4000 miles of Public Rights of Way from mid-night.

6 June 2001

Lincolnshire County Council announce that over 150 miles of public footpaths have been reopened within the past 10 days, following more that 3 months in which the entire network has been closed.

28 February 2001

Due to further outbreaks of Foot-and-Mouth disease, Lincolnshire Area have suspended all group walks until further notice.

24 February 2001

Due to outbreaks of Foot-and-Mouth disease in Northumberland and Essex, two weeks of walks have been removed from the web site as a precautionary measure. The situation will be reassessed next Saturday.

8 July 2000

This web site as been launched to promote the walking of public footpaths in the east of Lincolnshire in general and the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in particular. Although this site is still in the early stages of development, it is hoped that the information given will be useful. The site will be improved and expanded when time permits.


Image supplied by 'Animation Explosion'

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