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  1. Wear boots or strong shoes when walking.

  2. A packed lunch and drinks should be brought on day walks.

  3. The start location given for walks is not always the best place for car parking. Please park with consideration to cause the minimum of inconvenience to local residents and with safety in mind. Wherever possible car sharing or use of public transport is recommended.

  4. Maps are not necessary to participate in any walk, but for those wishing to know where they are walking, Ordnance Survey Explorer or Pathfinder maps are recommended.

  5. It is possible that some difficulties may be encountered on walks, such as ploughed, cropped or obstructed paths. In these instances the walk leader will endeavour to keep to the correct line of the path.

  6. If there is any possibility of rain, waterproof clothing should be carried.

  7. Dogs are not encouraged on our walks, but if brought along, must be kept on a lead and under close control at all times.

  8. Participation in Ramblers' Association events is entirely at the individuals own risk and no responsibility is accepted by any group or walk leader for any form of loss or accident however caused.

  9. Wearing of suitable clothing and sunscreen will help prevent skin cancer.


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